Brandenburger Tor bei Nacht ..............
Brandenburg Gate at Night..............

Sightseeing in Berlin and Potsdam

Are you a special person and do you expect exceptional service?

You will be pleased by making a sightseeing tour in a vintage Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster or a 1930 Ford A Town Sedan, driven by a chauffeur, who has a special sense for your needs and guided by an absolute professional and multilingual cityguide! 

In cooperation with the Berlin Guide Federation we are able to offer you competent multilingual guidance in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Polish (other languages available) 

You can choose the tour subject from architecture, town planning, town or art history, Prussian cultural heritage, nightlife, Jewish life in present and past, politics, economy and more. We offer the right guide for all your special interest and language needs

Minimum duration 3 hours, maximum of 3 guests per tour 

Fare (by tour, not by person)  inclusive of chauffeur, guide, and gas, no charge of sales tax according to  19 UStG
Entrance and parking fees are charged separately

Fare for each hour:          

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow:    Euro  180             

Ford A Town Sedan:              Euro  210         

Chevy Fleetmaster:                Euro  210 



Personal welcome at airport or train station, transfer to hotel, company or event

Entrance and parking fees are charged separately


first hour

add. hrs.
add. hrs. from 
4th hour on
Rolls Royce
Euro 240
Euro 80
Euro 70
Ford A
Euro 270
Euro 100
Euro 90

Chevrolet Fleetmaster
Euro 270
Euro 100
Euro 90


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